How Much Should I Pay For Window Cleaning?


Firstly, it is important to note that dirty windows block the flow of natural light into your room or property. Therefore, it is necessary that you hire a professional to clean your dirty windows.

A professional window cleaner can scrub all of your windows, or the window tracks. But what is the average price for this service, and how much should I pay for window cleaning are great questions.

Below we will explain in detail how much the window cleaning service costs.

How Much Should I Pay For Window Cleanings

How much does window cleaning cost?

It should be noted that residential window cleaning prices vary greatly, specifically in the number of windows and the square footage of the house.

Also, if the windows are difficult to clean, that has an additional cost, and also if the windows are on a second or third floor.

So, the cost of window cleaning services varies depending on the size of the windows, the size of the building, and how high off the ground the windows are.

Of course, a professional window cleaner will usually ask you how easy it is to access your windows, because if they are difficult to clean, there is an additional cost.

Generally, the average cost of a window cleaning service ranges from $150 to $450. For an excellent complete cleaning of a residence with approximately 25 standard exterior windows, you should pay about $250.

Minimum cost varies between $75 and $150

Maximum cost varies between $350 and $500

The overall average cost is approximately $250

You should also keep in mind that some professional window cleaners charge approximately $75 per hour, but remember that the cost also depends on the number of windows.

Window Cleaning Price by Type

As mentioned above, window cleaners charge additionally for each hard-to-reach window.

Therefore, windows with several panels are more difficult to clean. Some professionals charge $1 to $1.5 for each small panel, while others have a specific hourly rate.

If the windows are on upper floors, professionals charge between $1 and $2 for each window.

Residential Window Cleaning Prices by Home Size

Of course, believe it or not, the size of your home also affects the cost of this service. And the main reason is that larger houses tend to have a greater number of windows.

So, if your house is very large, it is much more difficult to clean a window, therefore, some professionals charge an additional cost.

* 1,000 square feet the price varies between $170 and $220
* 2,400 square feet the price varies between $300 and $400
* 4,600 square feet the price varies between $570 and $670

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