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Is the cost of gutter guards worth it?

With the installation of Valor Gutter Guards you'll spend less time on a ladder and more time in your home enjoying life! Contact Heartland ProGutters for a no-obligation review of your current gutters. We'll let you know what we recommend for your home or business. Valor Gutter Guards are a great product that is helping to change the way that people clean and maintain their gutters. You probably spend a lot of time cleaning and maintaining your gutters. Valor Gutter Guards help keep bugs, birds, and rodents away! They can handle heavy rain and snow. Gutter Guards eliminate the need for constant cleaning. They prolong the life of your gutters. Valor Gutter Guards are available in a variety of colors and sixes.  Each and every Valor gutter guard offers a cool unique "S" pattern that will never bend or break even under the heaviest of rainfall. 

Year after year, homeowners search for convenience factors to enhance their homes. Adding Valor gutter guards to your home will not break the bank, but instead will become an investment into free time spent on the things that matter most to you. 


How Is Pure Water Used To Clean Windows?

Tap water is what most people use to clean their windows but it contains minerals and sediments that still make it safe to drink but are not the best choice when you are looking to clean your windows. After the water evaporates, those minerals and sediments stay in your window leaving spots and streaks which will affect the finish of your window cleaning process.  Window cleaners typically utilize long waterfed poles with pure water to scrub and wash high windows.

Purified water is considered the best option for window cleaning because it doesn't virtually contain any impurities. The magic here is that water wants to return to its natural state so when it comes in contact with dirt it absorbs those particles and both are easily removed during the rising process, leaving behind a perfect no-streak finish.

The tap water can be purified either by using a de-ionization process or by applying an osmosis reverse system. By using pure water you don't require to use cleaning detergents and it doesn't leave any residue behind, meaning that it will last longer than traditional window cleaning methods.

Which is better for cleaning windows ammonia or vinegar?

This is a question that most people ask. so, let's get right into it and see which is better for cleaning windows? We asked an expert in the field, Rob from Newton Window Cleaning to provide us some knowledge. Rob told us straight out that these are both used for different reasons. Ammonia is used to cut grease, smoke, or heavy dirt on glass. He added that Vinegar is used to help descale, or remove, stubborn water stains on glass. There you go, you can use one, the other, or both if needed!

What is the best way to wash windows?

Now here is the age old question. Ever since the window was created, getting it cleaned has been quite the chore! We searched for an answer so we called Dave from Sedona Window Cleaning. Dave was happy to answer this because he has been cleaning windows since 1992. Dave informed us that there has been a tried and true method to getting windows cleaned fast and streak free. He said he uses a professional quality squeegee with a brand new rubber in the channel. When asked why the new rubber, he explained that the rubber on your squeegee will get nicks and cuts on it. This will leave streaks, so a brand new one will get all the soapy water and solution off the glass without any streaks or smears.

How often should windows be cleaned?

If you have ever cleaned the windows at your home or business, then you know for certain that this task is not fun, nor is it easy! Some people want to simply hose off their windows to avoid cleaning them because it is so much easier to do. Do not do this because it will leave hard water deposits on your windows that are very difficult to get off. A professional from Ochoa & Co in Canada told me that you should get your windows cleaned at minimum of 2 times per year. This will keep the hard water off of them, and your home value up! Thanks Ochoa & Co for helping educate us in this mater.

Should you clean windows on a sunny day?

Cleaning windows in the sun or the shade is difficult enough, so let's take a look at when is the best time of day to do this chore.

We spoke with an expert in the window cleaning industry, Scott from H&A Property Services in Annapolis, Maryland to get his thoughts on what is the best time of day to get those dirty windows cleaned.

Scott informed us that you need light to clean windows, so you probably better figure out how to get it done.  He also explained to us that working on the shady side of your home or building works best.  In the morning, work on the west side of your home, then go to the north, the south, and then finally back to the east side once the sun moves off that side of your home.

How many houses can a window cleaner clean in a day?

This is an entertaining question.  How many houses clearly depends on the size of houses a window cleaner cleans.  This is almost like how much wood can a wood-chuck chuck question.

An average sized home is approximately 2,400 square feet, and about 1 out of 2 homes are two-stories.  This means a very skilled window cleaner would be able to clean about one of these homes in about 2 hours work time if he or she is really good.

This means a veteran window washer can clean up to 4 or 5 homes a day.

These statistics and assumptions were kindly provided to us by Damon at Professional Window Cleaning in Chandler, Arizona.

How much should I pay for window cleaning?

If you are looking to get a window cleaning estimate or bids for window cleaning, then knowing how most companies charge will be valuable knowledge before calling and speaking to them.

Keep in mind that you should always hire a company that is insured.

Window prices are typically calculated per window pane.

Here is an average list of window cleaning prices:

  • Inside windows: Average charge is $2 per window pane. This should include wiping frames and sills, but NOT cleaning window tracks.
  • Window tracks: Average charge is $2 to $5 per window track.
  • Outside windows: Average charge is $4 to $6 per window pane.  They will charge more for really large windows, or high windows.
  • Sunscreens: Average charge is $2 to $6 per sunscreen.  This will include removing, cleaning or dusting, then re-installing.

Most window cleaners charge close to the same prices, so if you want to save time, just call and see who is friendly to you on the phone.

What's the best homemade glass cleaner?

Many people enjoy DYI home projects.  Cleaning your windows should be a simple project anyone can do on a Saturday afternoon.

Before you get started, knowing a few tips can be very helpful.

The best homemade glass cleaner is something you most likely have under your kitchen sink.  Using Dawn dish washing liquid is what most professionals use when they are are working in residential or  commercial window cleaning.

Dawn is a de-greaser that will also lubricate the glass to allow a squeegee to smoothly glide across and leave no dirt or streaks behind.

Fill a 5 gallon bucket about half-way, and add about 3 squirts of Dawn.  That should be a good mixture that will make your windows shine!

How would a window cleaner avoid working at heights?

The window washing industry is one of the most challenging types or work there is.  Most of the technicians need to access high windows, get on roofs, or even repel down the side of a building.  Avoiding serious injury, falls, or even death by having safety training is very important.  Having the right equipment can be even more important if you can get away without having to climb ladders.

There are a few ways window cleaners can avoid working at heights.

The oldest method is using a long pole with a squeegee attached to the top of it.  The window cleaners can stand on the ground while using the poles to do the high work.  Make no mistake, this skill is not easy and it takes a lot of practice to perfect.

The other method that has become very common over the last 10 years is utilizing a pure-water system that pumps pure water to the top of a pole.  This will allow the window cleaning company to scrub the window with a brush, then rinse it off with the spotless water.

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